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Our office staff is highly trained and thoroughly enjoys working with our patients trying to deliver the best eye care with both technical skill and with compassion. Our goal is help our patients see as well as possible.
Dr. William Waugh is a practicing ophthalmologist in Olympia. Waugh became a doctor of osteopathic medicine in 1972 and an ophthalmologist in 1977. Originally from Michigan, he worked as an ophthalmologist in southern Minnesota before coming to Olympia in 2002.

Nine years ago Waugh fell at his home while observing some construction work. He fell far enough — 14 feet off a wall — that he broke his neck, an injury similar to the one that paralyzed Superman actor Christopher Reeve. CPR was performed that day between 25 and 45 minutes by Bob Murphy of Tenino.

Being paralyzed from the neck down, Dr. Waugh was able to move the big toe on his left foot, which he used to trigger a button to call the nurse. From there, Waugh exploited whatever movement he could muster, fighting through the pain and trying to keep a positive attitude. To stay motivated, he recalled the punishing play that was dished out when he played one year of football for Wright State University.

“The body has an innate ability to heal itself,” Waugh said.

In time, he learned to move his arms, stand and then walk, but it would take two-and-a-half years before he could set foot in a car and drive. He eventually returned to work, but began slowly, first filling in for doctors on leave before finding more permanent work in the Bellevue area.

Throughout all of this, he has kept his home in Olympia.
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